~Walking Again After a Coven~


It’s been over a year since I walked away from my Wicca Tradition and my Coven. Now I should state a couple of things right off the bat, I’m still good with Wicca, just not with the political climate of my coven, and the confusing tradition I was attempting to follow.  This blog (and post) is not about trashing any specific person or tradition.  I’m honest enough with myself to state that it was not a good fit for me.

I believe Wicca is a self-discovery faith.  We are supposed to grow and learn about ourselves, our world and about our gods. Not just the light and fluffy stuff too, but that dark side of ourselves. Those really hard lessons that we never like to see but MUST see in order to have real growth.

I have spent the last year wondering if my expectations were just too high, or was this all about a lesson I needed to learn. I honestly believe a spiritual instructor should live by example.  If you say WE DO NO HARM.. then don’t.. if you say ACCEPT MY TRADITION.. then accept others, or at least allow them to practice it without bringing disparity and judgment on them.  Was I really asking too much of my high priestess? I’m still chewing on this one and think I’ll need more time to find the answer.

It was wonderful for a time though, that sense of community, that sense of belonging.  Long hours discussing various passages and theories with sisters.  It’s a bond that once felt it is truly missed once it’s cut off.

My coven kept shrinking… so many vibrant people left for one reason or another. There are a ton of theories on why that is.  Me personally?  I feel that sometimes ego gets in the way of spiritual and people forget their audience and purpose. For me, it was as if I was the one standing alone asking big questions and no one understood why I would even ask them.

So, now I get to the purpose of this blog (and post).  It’s time, I’ve hung onto this hurt, rejection and vast void enough.  I’m ready to continue my walk on this path. When I close my eyes I still see her and when I quiet my mind, I still hear her. It’s time to stop the mundane from preventing me from continuing my spiritual walk.


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Magic, indeed, is all around us, in stones, flowers, stars, the dawn wind and the sunset cloud; all we need is the ability to see and understand. — Doreen Valiente (2018). “Natural Magic”, p.10, The Crowood Press